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Shawn's Special Page



Dear Visitors,



Welcome!! You have come to the special link of this site!

This time I decide to make this special page a public page,

so you don't need to send e-mail  asking for the link!

Anyway, I need to say "Thanks for your supports"!!!

For my top gratitude, I will give you a present.

This is The Heartbreak Kid's Screen Saver!

All video files were created by me.

Please save them to your computer,

enjoy & enjoy all the time!

I hope you will like them.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Edward Chan

Sep 1, 1998




Screen Saver Program (Freeware)
Program Name File Size File Name Special Request
AVI Screen Saver 126 KB

Win95 / NT 4.0

Supported Files :*.avi,*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.mp3,*.mov,*.qt,*.wav,*.mid
Remark: Please make sure MS Active Movie had been installed
before setup this program to run Shawn's Mpeg files. If you are not
sure, please click Start button, select Accessories, and select
Multmedia, then you should find the Active Movie in there. But if
you really have not found it, please download it in here.


Video Files for Screen Saver Program
Video Name File Size File Name Special Request
Shawn's DX Sign 358 KB shawn.mpg AVI Screen Saver
Shawn's Ring Sign 627 KB ringsign.mpg AVI Screen Saver
* Please click the right button of mouse at the file name, and then
select "Save Link As".

Please don't link these files or copy them to put on your site!


This site was created by Edward Chan

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels
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