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Shawn In My Mind

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Dear Visitors,

First of all, welcome to this site!!!

This site was delicated to the greatest wrestler

of World Wrestling Federation

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!!!

Maybe you will ask why he is the greatest one.

Just because he has a good looking guy only?

All Shawn's fans will answer : Wrong!!!

Do you know why?

Because Shawn Michaels has something,

the others will never ever have. He has the real to be the best!

Many people in their mind just think that

someone who is bigger, stronger or taller must be the winner

and can fight better than the smaller one in the squared circle.

After they had seen Shawn, they would change their mind!

Shawn is just 6'1" tall with 227lbs. However, he can wrestle better

than anyone else! Remember? He had won Big Daddy Cool Diesel

(7'1" tall), The Man They Call Vader (The Big man) and Sycho Sid

(6'9 Monster) in the WWF world heavyweight championship!!!

He is no doubt an extremely talented wrestler with good skills and

quick performance. Moreover, he is also a good looking and

funny guy. He had ever appeared in Playgirl Magazine!

Not only ladies love him, lots of guys and

children also like watching him!

Other reasons for why Shawn  always be the winner is

because of his finishing move "Sweet Chin Music"

or somebody calls this move as "Superkick".

"Sweet Chin Music" is just like his quick

style. The move focus on striking people's chin .

The main point is that this move can have its effect on everyone!

No matter his enemy is big, strong or tall,

they will also be stunned by this move at once!

Now Shawn Michaels is the first man holding

four WWF goods in the Title History!!!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion(1)

WWF World Title (3), WWF Intercontinental Title (3),

WWF European Title (1), WWF Tag Team Title (3).

1995 & 1996 Royal Rumble Winner ,

   Go on! Shawn! Just do whatever you think is right!

We all trust and support you!!!

Best Regards,

The Web Site Creator




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The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels
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