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Shawn's News


News & Rumors

Oct 23, 1998

It is likely that the HBKwill be back at the announcers table

on an up-coming Heat, live on Nov 1.

But the most important question that most people

concern is that" When will Shawn be in action again?"

We get the answer right now! He will probably back

in action in about December and January!

Therefore, he will once again join the great event, Royal Rumble!!!


Oct 9, 1998

It is rumored that the D-Generation X could be breaking up.

If this is true, it will cause Shawn Michaels to replace Helmsley.

In many people's mind, Shawn can do a better job than HHH

because he has more experience than HHH. HHH is seemed

to be  a big future star. Although some people are against

this idea, the WWF seems to work on purpose to break up

HHH from DX. We can get some hints from a few events.

First, the recent arguments in the HHH v.s. X-Pac match

showed that the relationships among the surperstars was not

that good. Secondly, Some guesses say that The New Age Outlaws

recent losses due to HHH's limited abilities. If the breakup really

happens,  the HBK vs. HHH match may be resulted!


Sep 30, 1998

Rumors saying that DX does not want Shawn back,

so the identity of Shawn is still a mystery now.

Also some rumors saying that Shawn will be back

at Servivor Series and some saying at Royal Rumble.

If Shawn really returns at Royal  Rumble, will he be the

third time winner in this year? Let's keep an eye on it!!!


Aug 25, 1998

Last week on raw, The DX bodyguard

Chyna was subduced by The Rock

and other nation members, but

DX members were locked in the locker room.

Suddenly Shawn Michaels got to the ring and

cleared all of nation members to help Chyna.

Now we know Shawn still has relationship with DX!

Is Shawn still a DX member? Nobody knows.


Aug 14, 1998

Shawn will not be special ref, WWF didn't allow

due to he still had not recoverd his back injuries.



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