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Two Dudes Attiude

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Two Dudes Attiude - Shawn & Diesel

Shawn had a former bodyguard. He is Kevin Nash with 7 feet tall.

Everybody calls him "Big Daddy Cool Diesel"!

Many people knew that they are the greatest tag team!

Shawn started the Heartbreak Hotel with Diesel,

and they won the Tag Team Title from the Headshrinkers,

Later, Shawn helped Diesel to win the IC-Champion.

By the same way, Shawn also made Diesel lose

the Title due to his Superkick mistake.

Although Diesel wasn't satisfied, they still didn't break up.

Then, Shawn & Diesel VS Razor Ramon & 123 Kid.

Shawn got mistake once again and Superkick his partner.

Diesel was angry and wanted to catch Shawn.

However, Shawn went away.

After that, they dropped the Tag Team Title belts,

and the team was broken up!!!

Later, Diesel won the WWF Title from Bob Backland.

Meanwhile, Shawn won the Royal Rumble 95

and so getting the chance to face Diesel!!!

During that time, Shawn had a new bodyguard.

He is the 6"9 Monster, Sid.

At Wrestle Mania 11, Shawn lost to Diesel in WWF Title match

due to the ref was made fallen by Sid.

Diesel understood that, so he gave Shawn a rematch.

Shawn got conflict with his bodyguard, Sid,

and so Sid powerbomb Shawn three times!!!

Surprisingly, Diesel went to beat Sid for helping Shawn!

Shawn was out of action due to his injury getting from Sid.

He returned to the action when he recoverd from his injury later.

He then won King Kong Bundy for getting

the qualification at King of the Ring tournament!

After the match, Diesel went out with Bam Bam,

and congratulated Shawn. Two Dudes teamed up again!!!

Shawn retured as a face gun and soon

won the IC-Title from Jeff Jarrett!

Two Dudes once again cooperated to fight for their enermies.

WWF Champion Diesel & IC Champion Shawn VS

WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart & Yokozuna.

But British Bulldog went to wrestle instead of Owen.

Just before the end of the match, Owen came out.

Which then Diesel jackknife him and

pinned Owen for three counts!!!

They won but the ref changed the rule suddenly.

Therefore, they didn't become the new tag team champ.

Their opponent still keep the title but British Bulldog

was the champion instead of Owen Hart.

Later, a news which shock the world was heard.

It's saying that Shawn was attacked by nine thugs outside a bar!!!

Shawn was injured so that he had to vacate

the IC Title to Dean Douglas.

Shawn was once again out of action.

Around that time, Diesel lost his World Title to Bret Hart!

After serveral months, Shawn back to the ring. 

Shawn, Diesel and other superstars joined the Royal Rumble 96 arena,

The result is "Shawn drew out the number 1

by superkicking Diesel out of the ring"!

Shawn & Diesel got conflict again!!!

This time the reason was that  Diesel attacked

Shawn's back suddenly with a steel chair!!!

Two Dudes relationship then became worst than ever before!!!

In the other hand, Shawn faced Bret Hart

for World Title in the 60 minsmatch. The "Iron Man Match"!!!

Shawn's victory giving him the first experience

of being a champion!!!!

The boyhood dream  came true!

Diesel always had the ambition of being the no.1 guy.

Therefore, he challenged Shawn in "Good Friend Better Enemy Match"

for World Title, in a "No Hold Barred" condition!!!

Oringinally, the majority of people thought that

Shawn couldn't win Diesel.

But the fact is "Shawn did!!!!!!!!!!"

The glory once again belonged to the

Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!!!!!!!!

After losing the match, Diesel left WWF.

Two Dudes Attiude had been fully finished!!!



Two Dudes History Two Dudes Photos

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels
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