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Shawn's Wrestling Academy


Shawn Michaels & his mentor Jose Lothario

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The Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy

Do you want to be a great wrestler?

The Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy,

which begins classes on April 1, 1999.

The trainers will be Shawn Michaels, Jose Lothario,

Rudy Gonzalez and Ken Johnson.

Jose Lothario is Shawn's mentor and former manager,

who trained Shawn to win the Icon Match at Wrestle Mainia XII.

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"You must be eighteen years old or older and

have the burn in your heart to make it in this business

in order to succeed at the school.

Students will be able to choose from a full-time three month

course or part-time six month course." Shawn said.

For more information, please check in WWF.COM

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The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels
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